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MARK 5:9 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brian Ewing

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New Queens Of The Stone Age poster [Aug. 2nd, 2011|03:31 pm]
Brian Ewing
poster for Queens Of The Stone Age
18"x24" 5-color screen print

Use promo code " ifonly " to receive 10% off... which is basically like getting free shipping!
I only have 15 copies available.

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USA TODAY VIDEO INTERVIEW WRATH OF CON PT 1 [Jul. 29th, 2011|01:57 pm]
Brian Ewing
Check it out! USATODAY picked only FOUR artists to interview at comic con. I was the one of them. They did a great job of editing out how nervous I was. I’m really stoked on this.
Thanks to EVERYONE (and there were a ton of you) that dropped by the booth to chat. The best part is seeing you guys and just catching up, talking about music, ladies, bears, and art technique. Thanks to all the ladies for the hugs too. It was tough leaving San Diego. My heart hangs heavy now. If only I had one more day.
I’ll be posting a bunch of NEW stuff soon. I just need to catch up first. The clocks, Queens of the Stone Age, Avenged Sevenfold…and more.
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TIKI HIGHWAY art show! [Jun. 17th, 2011|01:27 pm]
Brian Ewing


I have a couple pieces in the TIKI HIGHWAY show July 24th in Huntington Beach! Sadly I won't be there since I'll be at Comic Con (booth 433) shucking my wares. But if you can't make it to see me then you should get your ass to Tiki Highway!


TIKI HIGHWAY is a collaboration of TIKI  and LOWBROW art work / cars / bikes / vans / burlesque / pinup / tiki /  food / drinks / car cruise... and more! Together with Lucky 13 Apparel,  Tiki Farm, Department of Customz and Pinup Girl Clothing, we bring you  this FREE event for all ages! Live Entertainment throughout the day!

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It's All About The Punk Chicks [Jun. 14th, 2011|06:28 pm]
Brian Ewing
[Current Music |tom waits]

A new INTERVIEW with me by the folks at @FiredByDesign

A while back I posted a heavy metal article I was part of for Digital Arts Magazine. The way these articles work is I usually get interviewed and then the author will take 'sound bites' from that to make up the piece. You can read the full interview at FBD. A few other artists were interviewed as well. I can't wait to read what they had to say.


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Black Angels - first gig poster of 2011 [Jun. 9th, 2011|01:52 pm]
Brian Ewing
We are proud to announce my first gig poster of 2011. I mixed my love for Art Nouveau, 60's Rock Posters and Pin-Up in this screen printed poster for the Black Angels – a stoner, psychedelic band from Austin, TX.

Check out the detail photos. When the light hits it - the underprinting shows through the black and adds a really cool texture to an otherwise flat background.

18x24 screen print
100 # White Cougar
Signed & Numbered edition of 150

More info HERE

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Rock It To ME!!! June 3rd [May. 19th, 2011|12:19 pm]
Brian Ewing
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I'm in a group show June 3rd in Brooklyn at Tara McPherson's new gallery the Cotton Candy Machine!

Rock It To Me! : A Group Rock Poster Show

Leia Bell, Brian Ewing, Michael Motorcycle, Little Friends of Printmaking, Jermaine Rogers, Jay Ryan

June 3rd to July 3rd, 2011

ROCK IT TO ME Features the artwork and prints of 6 of our favorite rock poster artists! Join us for a fun filled evening inspired by rock, metal, and printmaking! Each artists will be bringing not only rock posters, but their gorgeous art prints, shirts, and other sweet merchandise as well!

Opening Reception Friday June 3rd
7 to 11pm

Brian Ewing, Michal Motorcycle and Jay Ryan will all be in attendance!
Beverages provided by Dogfish Head Beers

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"La Nouvelle Morte" Paper and Wood art print [May. 13th, 2011|08:56 pm]
Brian Ewing
Stoked to announce a new art print! Printed by Luther Davis of Axelle Fine Arts. The nerd bragging rights are that the screen prints were printed on a press previously owned by Andy Warhol that was used during the "Factory Days"! I'm a dork but I think that's pretty damn rad!

"La Nouvelle Morte"

Coventry Rag 335 gsm
Signed & Numbered edition of 125
Edition of 5 on WOOD!
More info HERE

Nerd detail photos HERE


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NEW WEBSITE = NEW ART!!! [May. 11th, 2011|01:20 pm]
Brian Ewing
Hot Diggity!!! So finally after a lot of noodling, cajoling and nervous breakdowns (sorry Justin and Aaron)... the new BRIANEWING.com site is live!! Fer realsies!

So we (coughcoughme) wanted to celebrate by debuting 3 new prints, a TON of new art and "we" are offering readers of the "nerdsletter" 20% off their order. The promo code is S-MART So "shop smart...shop S-MART!"

The site is easier to navigate and I've posted a ton of art from new and old projects that most people haven't seen before.

Let me know if you see anything wonky. Especially when checking out.
It's been a while since I've redesigned my site. I'm old. I forget things.
Has anyone seen my keys?!

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Tiny Trifecta Coverage [May. 2nd, 2011|03:22 pm]
Brian Ewing

Check out my buddy @taramcpherson talking to Mtv about the tiny trifecta show I was lucky enough to be in. You can spot my piece a few times and also my book!!! So rad! She also mentioned a 5-person rock poster show she's curating for June. I'll be in that too!!!

I'll be in a group show at Toy Tokyo this FRIDAY!!! More info on that soon.

Caught another cold cuz I fell asleep with the windows open. Ugh... Saw Dave Hause of the Loved Ones last night so that was rad.

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All things METAL!!! [Apr. 11th, 2011|05:34 pm]
Brian Ewing

Hey Check it out! I'm in the new issue of Digital Arts talking about all things METAL!! Along with Jared Connor, Palehorse Design, Seldon Hunt, Aaron Turner, Dan Mumford, and Godmachine!!! Later on I'll post the answers I sent @digital_arts for this article. Oh hey look there's a preview of the new print I debuted at WonderCon. It'll be available soon-ish from my site.


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